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Nowadays, our lives revolve around smart gadgets; from managing a business to working on a job project, you cannot imagine your life without gadgets like computers, tablets and phones. These internally complicated devices no doubt make work and life easier, but there comes a point where your Computer, Tablet and Phone may break down due to external damage or internal hardware failure, and to make these devices running back again, you need to visit a technician like LogicsCo Repairs.

But wait, before you hand over your tablet or phone to the technician, there are some important things you need to take care of. Here, in this blog, we will explain things you should do before handing over your tablet and phone for repairs.

Create Data Backup

Data is the most crucial asset these days. Your phone or tablet stores confidential emails and messages, bank account details, contacts, photos, videos, documents, etc. Hence, it is necessary to get a backup of complete data. It saves you from the risk of losing data during the repair process. You can sync your contacts to Google contacts on Android phones and iCloud on iPhones, similarly, save calendars, photos and other data on Google Drive or iCloud. You can also take backup to an external storage or hard drive.

Take Out the SIM Card

There’s nothing to be worried about, but for your peace of mind, it is better you remove the SIM card before giving your phone for repair. It prevents any possible chances of misuse of your SIM card. Also, by the time, you get your phone back, you can use your SIM on any other phone and stay connected to your family and friends.

Remove Security Locks

As a normal practice, we all keep our smartphones and tablet secured with a PIN, pattern lock, or fingerprint authentication. You have to disable the security lock to allow the experts fixing your phone or tablet to test the status after the issue is fixed.

Remove External Storage

If there’s an external storage card on your tablet or smartphone, make sure to remove it beforehand and keep it safe with you. You may have some sensitive data on your external storage SD card, and if it gets lost or damaged, you may lose your files stored on it.

Note Your IMEI Number

When you are handing over your phone to someone, note down the unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, which is generally a 15-digit (in some cases, it could be a 14-digit or 16- digit) serial number. This is helpful in avoiding the risk of misplacing your device. There could be some similar phones with similar colors, which might create confusion leading to the misplacement of your phone. Having your IMEI number with you, you can identify your phone. Although professional technician takes profound care of such things, you need to be careful.

Do Factory Reset

Having delicate data on your device, you should consider resetting your phone or tablet. Do this after taking the backup. This will help protect your data from getting stolen.

Log Out of Account & Disable Factory Reset Protection

When you are going to give your phone or tablet to the repair center, do not forget to log out of all your accounts. Also, disable the Factory Reset Protection from settings. You should disable it once you have removed all your Google accounts from your smartphone.

Go to a Reputed Technician

Once you are done taking the backup of your data and ready to give your phone or tablet for repair, you have the most essential aspect to consider- a good technician.  You must give your phone or tablet to a reputed technician who demonstrates expertise in repairing any hardware or software-related issues. Your phone and tablet are costly things, you cannot just hand them over to anyone for repair. Ensure the technician is well-trained and certified. The one technician you can trust for this is LogicsCo Repairs.

They have a team of certified and highly-skilled technicians for computer, tablet and phone repairs.  LogicsCo Repairs can help you get your computer, laptop, tablet and phone repaired at your doorstep in a quick time.


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