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Almost everyone has faced the unfortunate situation wherein their mobile phones have been damaged badly. And, a broken screen is the most common damage widely experienced by people. Although, there are a lot of safety tools that help deter screen cracking, in some unexpected extreme situations it becomes unavoidable to save the smartphone screen regardless of the protective layers on it. But the question is- what’s next? People usually start by searching for “broken Screen repair near me”, and randomly picking one name to visit to get the repair job done. If you think this is the right way to get your phone repaired, then wait.

There are several different things you need to consider before replacing the broken screen of your phone. Read on to find them:

  1. Expertise and repair experience

Screen repair is a creative job that needs to be done precisely. So you cannot just go to any repair center. You must ensure the expertise and experience of the technician. Since there are numerous brands and their models, each phone has a specific way to repair. Before you submit your smartphone to get it repaired, ask if the technician is familiar with your phone model.  In case they are not, they may cause more harm than solving the issue. Therefore, always look for an experienced and well-rounded technician.

  1. Quality of replacement parts

Checking for genuine spare parts is a crucial thing to watch out for broken screen repair. A dull or poor-quality screen will worsen your experience or may get damaged soon, in future. With a bad-quality screen replacement, you may encounter problems like flickering, heating, or unresponsiveness. Technicians may lure by the low costs of counterfeit screens. But do not settle for a low-quality screen just for the sake of costs. Always keep quality above costs to avoid such issues and retain the seamless factory experience.

  1. Cost of replacement

An important factor to consider, the costs of screen repair highly influence the decision for choosing the repair center. But, costs should be combined with several other factors. As mentioned in the above point, quality must not be compromised for a cheaper price. If a technician has quoted too cheap replacement costs, it is probably because of the poor quality spare parts.

You may find the repair costs at the experienced technician center on a bit expensive side. But it is due to quality service, guarantee, and legitimacy of spare parts. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on the replacement of a broken screen. You can compare the price quoted by different repair centers.  Go ahead with the one that you find reasonable.

  1. Delivery time

Smartphones are an important part of our day-to-day life, we are so much dependent on our phones these days. From social networking to shopping and emails to taking notes of something and payments, we have everything on our smartphones. Therefore, you can’t wait too long for your phone to get repaired. Before depositing your broken phone at a repair center, ask how long it will take to finish the replacement job.

You of course don’t want to sit at the repair center for the entire day to fix a broken phone screen.

  1. Warranty

Above all the factors, consider choosing the repair center that offers a warranty on their service. With a warranty, you can rest assured of the genuineness of the service by the repair center. And, the best thing is that the warranty will let you enjoy free repair service if you experience unusual issues after the screen replacement.


The only remedy for a broken screen is its replacement with the new one, which is always better to get from an expert repair center. While you can search for the one on the internet with “broken screen repair near me”, the best service you can reach out to is LogicsCo Repairs. They offer same-day repair services, with a 90-day warranty and price match guarantee on all work. LogicsCo is known for its reliability, affordability and quality service.

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