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Computers and mobile phones have become two essential parts of our day-to-day life. Not to mention, these devices have made our lives so simple and easy, but if broken, they are the most complex devices to bring them up and alive. In any such condition, the only way to come out is to get them repaired through experts. So most of us start the search for an expert by typing in the browser, “best computer and phone repair service near me”, and hitting enter button.

Next moment, there will be a list of repair services on your screen. But the problem is, how to find the best one among them? To make it simple for you, here are a few factors you should consider when choosing a computer or phone repair service nearby.


Mobile phones and computers are a costly affair. You cannot hand it out to just anyone for repair. Quality and reliability of the service are the main priorities to look for when selecting a repair company. But how one can identify the quality and reliability before even taking the service? Read reviews. Yes, reviews from people who have already taken the service, say from a particular repair center, can tell you if it is good or not. Make sure to read them carefully to discover the quality of service. You can also ask your friends and family if they would have ever been to that particular repair service.


Price is the most crucial factor to consider when picking a phone repair service. Depending on how long it takes to fix anything, different services have different charges. When a broken computer or phone requires new components for repair, the cost will definitely go high. The best thing is to discuss the price with your repair service provider before hiring them. You can then determine whether that cost is within your price range or not. The best practice would be to find several computer and phone repair shops near you and compare their packages to see which works best. Remember, seasoned and credentialed businesses will cost you more than young ones.

Turnaround Time

You can’t go more than two or three days without using your phone, and that’s normal. Therefore, while picking your repair service provider, it’s crucial to keep the turnaround time in mind. The amount of time required to fix each solution differs because a few repair works can be completed quickly, and others may take a very long time. For instance, you can get your phone back the same day or the next day if you simply need a screen replacement or a battery installed. However, if your phone has liquid damage or extreme physical damage, you might have to wait three to seven days for the repair to be finished. Moreover, hardware problems are time-consuming, so check with the service provider for turnaround time.

Customer Service

Customer service is yet another vital parameter to deciding the quality of any business. If you are not able to reach out to the service provider, you are unlikely to receive a satisfying result. So make sure to look for a computer and phone repair service that is well known for its customer support.

Connect to their customer support and tell them about the issue/s you are having with your phone. Ask them every question you have in your mind about the repair services, such as the charges and time, etc. Also, check with them how they will help you fix the issue and whether they provide device pickup and delivery services.


Now that you are familiar with the factors to consider when hiring computer and phone repair services nearby, keep them in mind for hiring the best service providers. Explore, do proper research and look for trustworthy and experienced repair technicians. The one name you can find in the search result for “best computer and phone repair service near me” is LogicsCo Repairs. You can pick them for their affordable and reliable repair services.

They offer expert repair services for computer systems and mobile phones through a team of expert technicians. Their service is transparent, with a 90-day warranty and pricing guarantee on every repair.

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