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It happens with most of us, when setting up a Wi-Fi network, we enter the password on the device and forget about it. At some point in time, you need the password again, for example, when you want to connect a new phone or laptop, or by mistake, you get locked out of the network.

Making so many failed login attempts might lead to other major problems, like blocking your IP address. In any such situation, you are left with just one option- resetting the wireless router. On the other hand, struggling with the password could be too much frustrating. Thankfully, you always have the option to search “network/password unlock near me”. However, you can also try a few techniques to retrieve your WiFi password.

Here, check out the following methods you can use to recover the WiFi password on different operating systems.

Recover a Lost WiFi Password on Windows

Bring a computer that is connected to your Wi-Fi network. Then select Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center from the menu. On a Windows PC, press Windows key + C, then search for Network and Sharing Center. In the left sidebar, choose Change Adapter Settings. Right-click on the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to. There you will ‘Status’, click on it. Select Wireless Properties and then click on the Security tab. You should now be able to see the name of the Wi-Fi network as well as the hidden password. When you tick on Show Characters, your saved password will appear on the screen.

Recover a Lost WiFi Password on a Mac

To begin, go to the Applications/Utility menu. There, choose Keychain Access. Choose that one network from the list whose password you wish to recover. After you’ve obtained the network, double-click on it. Select the option ‘show password’. The password will be displayed down there.

WiFi Password Revealer

You can download and install WiFi Password Revealer. The installer will advise installing Skype and AVG TuneUp; we recommend unchecking these boxes during installation. After the installation is complete, run this software. You may now see all Wi-Fi networks and their passwords.

Recover a Forgotten WiFi Password from Your Router

If you don’t have a Windows or Mac computer with saved WiFi passwords, or if you’re attempting to recover the password on your phone or tablet, you can discover it through a router. However, you must remain connected to the router’s network for this method to work. 

Remember that you may also use an Ethernet cable to connect to the router. The password cannot be obtained unless the tablet and mobile phone are linked to a Wi-Fi network. 

For this method to work, go to your router’s IP address in a web browser that redirects you to the login page for your router. There you have to log in with your router credentials. Next, you will have a router page on your screen. Choose the “Wireless” or “Wi-Fi” section, where you can find the password. In case you are not a technical person, you can better search for “network or password unlock service near me”. 

Password Recovery through ES File Explorer File Manager

To make this option work, your phone needs to be rooted, and you should download an app- ES File Explorer File Manager. In ES File Explorer, navigate to the Device storage folder. There will be a Data folder; tap to open it. Then look for a folder called Misc, and open that too. Next, open the WiFi folder, where you will be able to find a file entitled wpa_suppicant.cofig; open it with ES File Explorer. Now, you will see various codes with the letters ssid in front of them. The name in front of this ssid is your WiFi name, and psk will be below it, letters or any alphanumeric code in front of it will be your password. 

Bottom Line 

If none of the methods works, the router may need to be reset to restore your internet connection. If you are not aware of this, we recommend contacting a professional network or password unlock service nearby.

The most recommended name to contact for password recovery is LogicsCo Solutions. They will come to your place to help you retrieve your password. LogicsCo Solutions offers great expertise in network password unlocking and reliable and quick service. 

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